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i love you much (2023), for soprano and piano, text by e.e. cummings.

New Work For Orchestra (in progress), TBA

Explication for cello and electronics (2022)

neither bird nor tree (2020) (electronic and fixed media)

Twelve Years in Six Scenes: Van Gogh’s last 12 years—for piano solo (2019) score sample

JuJu DuXingfor flute and electronics (2019) score sample

Whir for alto flute and electronics (2018)  score sample

Dirge-Elegy in memoriam Vuk Kulenovic; for violin and piano (2017) score sample

Étapes; for percussion and electronics (2017) score sample

fig. 1— ; for soprano and piano (2017) score sample

Codex Borbonicus: 3 scenes from Aztecan Cosmology; for violin duo (2017) score sample

Sub-Subterranneans for orchestra: based on David Bowie’s “Subterraneans” score sample

L’espace Entre Les Espaces (electronics in progress) for pipe organ and electronics

Ju-Ju: for flute solo (2015-16) score sample

Perigee/Apogee (electronics in progress) for piano and electronics. score sample

Elegy in memoriam Delores Keel *version for cello and piano (2015*) score sample

Torsion for viola and electronics (2014) score sample

Torsion for Wind Ensemble (2014) score sample

Padova, citta della culla (2014) violin, bass clarinet and recitation

Elegies and Anthems (2010-ongoing) for violin and piano. Anthem I score sample, Anthem II score sample

Hyperbolique (2013) Concertante for Bass Clarinet and small ensemble

Selection for Party Piece (2012) one of 125 composers in celebration of Cage’s 100th birthday. “Cage 100″ is supported and promoted by Forum of Contemporary Music Leipzig [FZML]

Pas de Trois: a Balletic Suite of Deconstructed Dance (2012) oboe, violin, cello and piano (Rapido!

Riven (2012); piano solo

Libretto (2011) for bass clarinet and electronics score sample

Clades (2008, rev. 2010); for orchestra and amplified quintet (comm. by the Fromm Music Foundation)

Ouranos (2010) for piano and contrabass

Januslieder: Bicephalous Suite (2010) piano four hands.

Concertante for two pianos and chamber ensemble (2009) score sample

Caterwaul (2009) for baritone saxophone and electronic sound score sample

Elegy in memoriam Delores Keel (2009) for violin and piano score sample

Gestreut (2009) for violin and piano (for Dou Diorama)

An Wem: Notes from Underground (2007) for toy piano and electronic sound score sample

Lux Furtiva (2006); trio for percussion, piano and harpsichord (Contemporary Keyboard Society)

Shipless Sea (2005); guitar solo (for Apostolos Paraskevas) TBA

Bacchanalia Skiapodorum (2004); alto saxophone and electronic sound (for Brian Sacawa) score sample

Reticulate Strands (2004); for two chamber ensembles score sample

Interloper (rev. 2003); piano trio score sample score sample

Aubade (2002) flute, horn, percussion, harp, viola and contrabass

…ai tempi, le distanze… (2002); piano and electronic sound (commissioned by Ian Pace) score sample

Les Mouches (2002); a pre-verbal electro-dramatic work (4-channel fixed media)

La Belle Captive (2001) trombone and electronics

Patchworks; trivalent concertante (2001); concertante for fourteen instruments score sample

Tonus (2000); violin and electronic sound score sample

Solemn & strange cement- (2000); piano solo

fico elettronico (1999); (fixed media) electronic sounds in two movements

Toccate Compagne (1999); companionate toccate for solo viola

Dour Dross: alliterated variations (1999); mixed octet

Daub for String Quartet (1996-97); (2 violins, viola and cello)

“l(a (1997); analogically and digitally synthesized tape (text by e.e. cummings)

St. George and the Dragon; Ballet of life size puppets (1995-96); for twelve instruments

Daub for Guitar (1995)

Pas de Deux (1995); flute, Bb clarinet, violin, cello and piano

My Very first Cancion y Danza (1995); alto sax and piano

life cycle on 4 texts of e. e. cummings (1995); for two soprani, two percussionists and piano

Ma Morte Vivante (1995); tenor and guitar (text by Paul Eluard)

Quioy Yoh (1994); for Javanese Gamelan

Liliputions (1994); five miniatures for guitar solo

Eructations (1993); guitar and violin