Music Pics


My friend and mentor, composer Martin Boykan.
Marty and Me Socially distanced
Having lunch with Marty Boykan while socially distancing during the summer of COVID: New York , NY (August 17. 2020)
In-class binary canon at the 9th. Hypothetical openings for both the A and the B sections respectively.


In-class canon at the 8ve
My faux velum contribution to Cage Party Piece. It’s a party y’all.
Alternate view of Cage Party Piece
Just prior to 2015 SEAMUS performance of Torsion for viola and electronics
The amazing Ashe Gordon rehearsing Torsion for viola: SEAMUS 2015
Steve Beck rehearsing …ai tempi
(photo by P.K. Harris) Steve Beck and I rehearsing my “…ai tempi…” for piano and electronics before a Fire House concert.
Cover to Brian Sacawa’s CD release “American Voices”, which includes my work Bacchanalia Skiapodorum.
Xenia Pestova’s solo CD release, “Shadow Piano”, which includes my work for toy piano and electronics, “An Wem; Notes from underground”


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