The Classical Tradition and Schoenberg’s Piano Concerto: Monothematic Sonata Form, Long-range Voice-leading and Chromatic Saturation.

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An Wem (for toy piano and electronics) Xenia Pestova; toy piano
Bacchanalia Skiapodorum (for alto sax and electronics) Brian Sacawa; alto sax


Codex Borbonicus; three scenes from Aztecan cosmology (2016-17). Performed by String Noise, Berk Hall, Berklee College of Music.




Selections from Anthems and Elegies:

  • Elegy; in memoriam D.K. (2009) for violin and piano. Duo Diorama (live performance)
  • Anthem DR (2015) for violin and piano; Ecce Ensemble (live performance)
  • Dirge-Elegy; in memoriam Vuk Kulenovic (2017) for violin and piano; Ecce Ensemble (live performance)


Torsion for amplified viola and electronics (2014): Ashe Gordon Viola (live performance)

Concertante for two pianos and ensemble (2009)

  • I.
  • II.

Torsion for Winds (2014): BoCo Wind Ensemble; Eric Hewitt Dir.

An Wem: notes from underground for toy piano and electronics

Reticulate Strands for two ensembles (performed by Brave New Works and Firebird ensembles)

Interloper for piano trio (2001 v.)

Aubade (for mixed ensemble and harp)

Clades; concerto grosso for concertante quintet and orchestra

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