Recordings, Publications and Commissions


2017 Jedediah Foundation: New Music Commission: Concerto Grosso for BMOP

2015 Berklee Faculty Fellowship: for a new work for percussion and electronics

2014 Boston Conservatory Wind Ensemble: (Dir. Eric Hewitt) for Torsion

2013 Cage Birthday Party: contribution to global Musical Exquisite Corpse

2012 East Coast Composers’ Ensemble (ECCE) Perigee/Apogee for piano and electronics

2011 Berklee Faculty Fellowship; Libretto for Bass Clarinet and electronics

2010 Mia Elezovic: Januslieder, piano four hands

2009 Wellesley Composers Conference

2008 Boston Modern Orchestra Project and Firebird Ensemble. Clades, concerto grosso

2007 Rodney Lister: An Wem; notes from underground toy piano and electronic sound

2005 Apostolos Paraskevas: Shipless Sea, guitar solo

2004 Brave New Works and Firebird Ensembles: Reticulate Strands, two chamber groups

2004 Brain Sacawa: Bacchanalia Skiapodorum, alto sax and electronic sound

      2001 Wellesley Composers Conference,

2001 Ian Pace: …ai tempe, le distanze… piano and electronic sound


Shadow PianoMusic for Piano/Toy Piano and electronics, Xenia Pestova, pianist, Innova Rec.

An Wem, Notes from Underground for toy piano and electronics (included work) purchase here

American Voices: Brian Sacawa; Saxophone(s) / Innova Records

Bacchanalia Skiapodorum for alto saxophone and electronics (included work)purchase here


     The Classical Tradition and Schoenberg’s Piano Concerto: Monothematic Sonata Form, Long-Range Voice-Leading and Chromatic Saturation (Verlag D.M., 2008)

   Shipless Sea, for guitar solo, as part of 13 Laments for Solo Guitar, Clear Note Pub. 2005

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