Education and Teaching


Brandeis University (Waltham, MA)

2007    Ph.D. Music Composition/Theory

Dissertation Composition: …ai tempi, le distanze… for piano and electronic sound

Dissertation Paper: The Classical Tradition and Arnold Schoenberg’s Concerto for Piano and Orchestra, Op. 42: Monothematic Sonata Form, Long-range Voice-leading

2001    M.F.A. Music Composition/Theory

University of Illinois (Champaign-Urbana, IL)

1996-97: Doctoral studies in composition and electroacoustic music

Portland State University (Portland, OR)

1996    M.S.T. Music

Metropolitan State College of Denver (Denver, CO)

1993    B.A. Music performance and composition


Boston Conservatory (Boston, MA)

Electronic Music 1

Electronic Music 2

Brandeis University (Waltham, MA)

Visiting Associate Professor

Fall 2016  Electro-Acoustic Music (theory-, history- and project-based overview)

Fall 2015   Electro-Acoustic Music (theory-, history- and project-based overview)

Fall 2015   Electro-Acoustic Music (theory-, history- and project-based overview)

Berklee College of Music (Boston, MA)

Associate Professor of Composition


Concert Music Since 1945

Contemporary Techniques (practicum in 20th c. compositional techiques)

Introduction to Electro-acoustic/Computer Music (created course)

Directed Studies in Electronic Music Composition (created course)

Directed Studies in Private Composition: Small Forms

Directed Studies in Private Composition: Sonata Form

Directed Studies in Orchestral Composition

Tonal Harmony and Comp. I: Introduction to tonal materials and binary form

Tonal Harmony and Comp. II: Chromatic harmony and composing short forms

Art of Counterpoint 1

Art of Counterpoint 2

Tonal Counterpoint I and II (now defunct)

Brown University (Providence, RI)

Visiting Assistant Professor of Music

Fall 07/09 Music 55: Music Theory; introduction to species counterpoint and tonal harmony

Sp 07/08/10 Music 56: Music Theory; chromatic harmony and introduction to Sonata form

Brandeis University (Waltham, MA)

Visiting Lecturer

Sp 2010    Music 134: Modernism in Music

Fall 2006   Music Fundamental’s lab

Fall 2004   Music 103a: Theory and Musicianship II (second year theory)

Sp 2005    Music 107a: Electro-acoustic Music                                     

Northeastern University (Boston, MA)

Visiting Instructor

2004 – 06  Private Composition

Wheaton College (Norton, MA)

Visiting Instructor

Fall 2002   Music Theory I

Fall 2002   Advanced Analysis: Analysis and stylistic emulation

Sp. 2003   Music Theory II: with an Intro to Species Counterpoint

Sp. 2003   Composition

Walnut Hill School for the Arts (Natick, MA)

Visiting Instructor

2002 – 03   Composition

2002 – 03   Composition/20th Century Techniques

Central Connecticut State University (New Britain, CT)

Visiting Lecturer

Fall 2001   MUS 112; Computer Applications to Music

Fall 2001   MUS 495; Advanced Composition

Brandeis University (Waltham, MA)

Teaching Fellow

2001 – 02   First Year theory Lab / Ear-training

Sp. 2002    Undergraduate Composition conduct weekly composition sessions

Sp. 2001    Advanced Electronic Music (T.A.)

1999-2001 Introduction to Electronic Music teach sections in professor’s absence and tutorials

2000-01     Second Year Theory Tutor

Music Fundamentals (full responsibility for the class)

1998-99     First Year Theory Lab / Ear Training

Portland State University (Portland, OR)

Teaching Fellow

1995 – 96   Rudiments of Music (fall, winter and spring)—full responsibility for the class

1995 – 96   Guitar class I (fall, winter and spring-full responsibility for the class)

1995 – 96   Guitar class II (winter and spring-full responsibility for the class


Composition: Martin Boykan, Eric Chasalow, David Rakowski, Yehudi Wyner, John Melby, Tomas Svoboda. Master-classes with G.F. Haas, Fred Lehrdahl and Mario Davidovsky

Electronic/computer music: Scott Wyatt, Eric Chasalow, Mario Davidovsky and John Melby, Ircam summer course at Acanthes

Guitar: Bryan Johanson, Alex Komodore and master classes with David Tanenbaum, David Russell, Scott Tenant and Bruce Holzman

Other: Counterpoint from Josquin to Stravinsky with Harold Owen, Schenkerian Analysis with Allen Keiler and a Schenkerian approach to Counterpoint with John Melby.


Berklee College of Music (Boston, MA) Collaborative Projects in Max/MSP, Summer 2013

Centre Acanthes (Metz, France) 2004. Summer: short course in IRCAM software

Harvard University (Cambridge, MA) Spring 2000 Attended Davidovsy/Skallar electroacoustic music course (audit on instructor’s invitation)

University of Illinois (Champaign, IL), 1996-97; Doctoral studies in composition and electronic music

University of Oregon (Eugene, OR) 1994 – 95 Master’s program in composition

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